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Sell Home as-is South Carolina

Sell Your House Fast in South Carolina!

Get A Fair Cash Offer From A Local Home Buyer!

Selling A House For Cash South Carolina Reviews

We buy houses as-is. You don’t even have to clean! Get Your No-Obligation CASH OFFER Below.

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We Buy Houses South Carolina
“Sell My House Fast For Cash”

Need To Sell Your House Fast in South Carolina? We Buy Houses For Cash. No Repairs, No Agent Fees, 100% FREE! See How Our Cash Home Buying Process Works! 

Selling your house for cash in South Carolina to Upstate Home Offers is incredibly easy. Instead of having your house listed by realtors, find out if how much we can pay for your house today.

Cash Home Buyers South Carolina

When you sell your house to Upstate Home Offers, you don’t have to worry about any hassles that come with selling a house. That means that you don’t have to hire a realtor, you don’t have to stage your home for one open house, and you will never have to be concerned that the homebuyer will back out on the deal. Selling your house to us is the new way to sell a home in South Carolina.

Sell my property fast South Carolina

Our core values are integrity, honesty, and living by the golden rule. Our mission is to use our skills and expertise to benefit our clients. We want your life to proceed as smoothly as possible.

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We Buy Houses South Carolina In ANY Situation

Sometimes, a situation presents itself when you don’t have a choice but to sell your house fast. It doesn’t matter to us why you must sell your house fast. For example, your creditors may have a date to sell your house in a foreclosure sale because you are behind on the mortgage payments. We will buy your house for cash in South Carolina before this happens and pay you quickly. Other reasons to sell a house fast for cash include the following:

we buy houses for cash South Carolina Sell To Avoid Foreclosure

The property is in foreclosure, and it is scheduled for auction in a matter of days.

sell my home for cash South Carolina You Inherited a House

Did you inherit a house in SC, and you don’t have the patience to wait until the probate process is over to sell it?

sell my house South Carolina Sell Without Doing Repairs

The construction company you called to do the renovations on your property quoted you an unreasonable price, and you simply can’t afford it.

sale my house fast for cash South Carolina Tired Landlord And Want To Sell

Have nightmare tenants that cost more money in maintenance than you get from rent?

sell my house fast South Carolina Moving And Need To Sell

Relocating for work or trying to beat the heat? We can work on a short timeline and avoid the headaches of a traditional sale.

we buy houses for cash near me South Carolina Sell Due To Divorce

You must sell your house within a very short period because you are engaged in divorce proceedings with your spouse.

We Buy Houses For Cash In South Carolina


It’s possible that it could take you several months to complete all of the renovations on your property. If you sell your house for cash in South Carolina, you won’t have to be bothered. We will buy the house no matter what has to be done to fix it. That’s because we will fix anything that needs to be repaired after we buy the house from you.


You don’t need to have your house listed by a professional real estate agent. When you do that, it takes up a lot of time. Plus, you have to be bothered with having open houses. Selling to us means that you never have to have your house inspected, and you never have to worry about contingencies.


If your goal is to sell a house fast in South Carolina, we can make that happen. You can sell the house to us today, and you won’t have to pay commission fees or closing costs. Keep more cash in your pocket!

Where We Buy Houses in South Carolina.

Upstate Home Offers buys houses the right way. We want to buy your house in Columbia, Simpsonville, Spartanburg, Greenville, Anderson, or Myrtle Beach and the surrounding areas in South Carolina and offer cash. Other homebuyers tell you they want to buy your house, but they will offer you pennies on the dollar. We aren’t that kind of cash-for-houses company. We are in the business of making your life easier, and we have helped many people sell their homes fast in South Carolina. We’ll present you with a cash offer that is worthy of your time.

Sell My House For Cash South Carolina

sale my house fast for cash South Carolina

Competitive Cash Offer 

Has a cash buyer already given you an offer for your home that you don’t think you want to use? Just tell us, and we will make you a better offer. We want to make sure that you know why our offer will be better for you than our competitor’s offer, so we will explain why working with us makes sense for both of us. We will not waste your time with an offer that is too low for you to consider.

sell my home quickly South Carolina

No Commission or Fees

When you sell a home with a traditional realtor, the agent will charge you a commission as high as 6% of the purchase price. Sell your home to us, and we will never charge you a commission fee. We pay all the costs associated with all of our sales.

sell my home for cash South Carolina

No Repairs Needed

We will buy your home, and we won’t require that you fix anything. After you sell the home to us, we will fix what needs fixing. So, if you have a roof that is leaking, you can leave it to us. If you have holes in your walls, you can leave those alone as well. We will buy your home sight unseen and right now!

sell my house South Carolina

Close When You Want

Owners get to set all of the terms, so we will close on the date you choose. With other homebuyers, you would have to wait between 30 and 60 days to close, but that won’t happen when you sell your home to us. On top of that, traditional realtors charge you closing costs, which can be as high as 2% of the purchase price, but we won’t charge you closing costs of any kind.

We Buy Ugly House For Cash South Carolina

We Buy in “As Is” Condition.

We will buy your home in “as is” condition. We mean that the house can have any imperfection or none. It doesn’t matter to us. If your home needs to have work done or if it is ready for new tenants, you can sell your home in South Carolina for fast cash today in any condition.

sell my house near me

No need to Clean

You can sell your house as it is today, so we will buy your house in any condition that it is in! Just leave the dirt and the mess to us. You are free to take everything that you want, but if there is anything that you don’t want, you can leave it for us.

Selling A House For Cash In South Carolina FAQ

We understand that you may still have questions, so here are some of the most frequently asked questions from curious homeowners, landlords, and heirs like yourself in South Carolina! Give us a call or fill out our form and we will get back to you immediately, or check out some of our downloadable resources.

Why is a cash offer better for the seller?

Homeowners and investors alike are free to sell their properties for fast cash. The experience is complete without hassle, and you can close the sale within seven days. You may even be able to receive your money in less time than that!

What is the fastest way to sell a house in South Carolina?

The fastest way for sellers to sell their properties is to obtain a cash offer. Cash home buyers in South Carolina can buy homes in as little as 14 days. A traditional agent will need several months to complete the deal. Upstate Home Offers has been able to close on properties within five days that didn’t have any liens attached and had the mortgages and property taxes paid by escrow.

Is selling a house for cash in South Carolina a good idea?

We must admit that selling a home with a traditional real estate agent creates a lot of stress for people for very little value. You can eliminate the hassle by speeding up the selling process. You may not be ready to sell the house because it needs to have so much work done on it, but you can sell it fast if you sell your house for cash. It is a highly convenient service!

Can you sell a house for Cash in South Carolina in 5 days?

Yes, you can! If you have several properties that you have to finance, you may not be able to handle the expense. A fast cash sale can take this burden off of your hands in just about five days! You can sell anything for fast cash. This includes mobile homes, condos, regular homes, a duplex, or land.

The Fastest Way To Sell A House In South Carolina

Upstate Home Offers can buy a house from you in South Carolina in much less time than traditional property buyers. As cash home buyers, we could complete the transaction in a couple of weeks, not months! The best part is that we can buy your South Carolina house no matter where it is located. For example, we buy homes in Greenville, including Spartanburg, Anderson, and Clemson.

Get An Offer Today, Sell In A Matter Of Days...

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